Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer satisfaction is a key measure for developing a successful business

Understanding customer satisfaction is a key factor in developing a successful, lasting business.  If your company is not gathering customer feedback, you may be making strategic business decisions that are not in line with your customers’ interests, which could have a negative effect on your business. Your customer satisfaction is vitally important for measuring, managing and developing the service you provide to develop your business.

CJM Research are experts in customer satisfaction research

CJM Research can help you plan, design, manage, analyse and report tailor made research about your customer experience. This helps you by telling you where you are doing well and where you need to improve.

We can help you understand customer satisfaction

We can tell you who your customers are, where they come from, why they use you, what they like and dislike and how your brand is perceived. We can also help you target improvements where customers need them so that you can be more effective and efficient in your business.

Customer satisfaction surveys are designed to give you anonymous and unambiguous insight into your customers’ thoughts and perceptions of your products, services, your various departments and your company as a whole, as well as information leading to what needs to be changed in order to retain lasting relationships and enhance the emotional concoction you have with customers.

For example, we can help you understand the difference between a "satisfied" and "totally satisfied" customer allowing you to improve your service which in-turn improves customer loyalty, spend and recommendation (see data on right)

Our research helps you manage and develop your business

Completing satisfaction surveys really helps you manage your marketing and customer service. It provides actionable results that allow you to focus on the improvements that matter most to customers and potential customers.

We can complete these surveys with a sample of your customers, your non-customerss at each of your venues or in the local community. We use iPads and specialist survey software to increase the quality, speed and experience of our interviewing.

We can help you understand perceptions

Furthermore we can help you understand the emotional connection customers have with your brand by conduction qualitative research (such as focus groups, employee workshops and depth interviews with stakeholders).

CJM Research to discuss your needs.

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