Innovative Market Research Solutions

Our approach is based around working in partnership with you to deliver research that not only provides insight but that is actionable to help you make more informed decisions to improve your business
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  • Market Research tailored to your needs

    We offer a range of research services
    CJM Research offer a range of market research services to our clients. We have expertise in all types of surveys, focus groups, depth interviews, desk research, workshops as well as analysis, presentation and reporting. We also handle the whole research process from planning, delivery and reporting.

    Our aim is to provide you with research that helps make your business better.

    We help you design research for your need rather than relying on one tool or technique
    As we have a wide range of tools and techniques to call on we are not constrained by standard techniques or stereotypical project descriptions.

    We prefer to think in terms of how you will act on research findings and design research accordingly.

    We have the expertise and experience to help you
    We can do this because we have expertise in all market research techniques, we are innovative, creative and yet have the practical understanding about how to get things done. Beyond this we are passionate about what we do and really care about giving you excellent research.
    Right tool for the right job
  • Working in partnership

    CJM Reseach was founded to do great work for good people
    Callum founded CJM Research to do great work for good people. At the core of this is developing lasting business relationships with clients. We are very proud that when clients use us they use us again and again. This is because we really go the extra mile to understand your needs and deliver results that you can use.

    We really care about working with you
    Our commitment to working in partnership with you means we work hard to understand your needs and appreciate the context in which you operate your goals and your organisation’s unique culture and ethos from the outset. The more you use us the more you will trust that we really care about what we do and work hard for you.

    We focus on how you will use the research
    We focus on how you will use the research so that it is actionable. We want you to use and benefit from our findings not have a just data presented to you or a massive report with lots of graphs and charts and no actionable findings.
    working in partnership
  • We want to delight you

    Our approach is based around our commitment to client satisfaction. We achieve this by working in close partnership with you, working as an extension of your own team to achieve your objectives. We aim to be the best we can be by delivering excellent work for you.