Mystery shopping can help you understand your business and your competitors

Mystery shopping is a great way to understand how your customers are being treated by your organisation.

Mystery Shopping' or mystery visits involves regular reviewing of your service by professional or carefully selected customers who are trained to observe, experience and evaluate the customer service process of an organisation. They do this by posing as a ‘real customer’ and undertaking a series of agreed tasks, which monitor the service delivery, customer journey and the effectiveness of staff training. Each shop is followed by an evaluation, usually in the form of a questionnaire. These questionnaires are collated and reported as a dashboard report or presentation of the overall findings conclusions and issues to be addressed. 
Mystery shopping is especially useful when you want to ensure that your service standards are being upheld and whether customers are receiving a consistent level of service across your organisation. A properly planned schedule of mystery shops can really help improve your customer service – I know because I help clients do this!

However, mystery visits are also a great way to understand your competitors. Whether it be how they deal with new customers, their prices, marketing messages etc

CJM Research can help you plan, deliver and report on mystery shops working with you to improve your customer service. You can get in touch for an informal discussion about how mystery shopping can help you develop your business.
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