Mapping data adds insight

In the past few months CJM Research have completed two very interesting projects looking at where asylum seekers and refugees live in Glasgow (for Glasgow City Council) and the demand for English as a second or other language (ESOL) in Glasgow (for the main ESOL providers in Glasgow).

In both of these projects we have used mapping to add insight to data. Mapping the data can help it come to life and add insight that could be lost in tables or text.

For example the map below shows that provision of ESOL is not always where the target market are living. This means that students have to travel further and that provision could be moved to better meet the target market's needs.  This insight has helped providers change where provision is offered making it easier to access.

Where people not speaking English live with where classes are offered
CJM Research can help you map your provision, your coverage, your customers, your target market and your competitors. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about how mapping can help make your business better.

What is your brand?

A brand is simply how people think and feel about your organisation. 

Every organisation has a brand. However, not every organisation understands this. It does not matter if you manage your brand or not your customers, stakeholders and non-customers have perceptions and make judgements about you. 

Market research can help you understand how your brand is understood and perceived - whether it be to determine what your brand values are or to measure changes to these over time. This will help you understand what your brand is and actions are having the biggest (and smallest) impact on how people view your organisation. 

CJM Research ( can help you plan, design, implement analyse and report on your brand using a broad range of tailored qualitative and quantitative methods. 
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